[mythtv] No on screen menus in CVS recent version - using PVR-350tv out

John Harvey john.p.harvey at btinternet.com
Mon Nov 22 14:17:16 UTC 2004

I've started seeing this but put it down to my very hacked ivtv driver and
other code.

However I did change everything back and still saw the problem. 

I spent some time looking at it and I believe I understand the cause just
not when or why it started happening.


Basically there is an inner loop in the decoder thread that reads the mpeg
from a file and writes it out to the 350. This loop doesn't check for things
like pausing being set. Its only when the code breaks out of this loop
(because it either can't read or write data I think) that it checks for the
thread being paused. 


There is a relatively easy fix to return false in one of the cases that
returns true in the innerloop but I don't understand the side effects of
doing that yet.


I'll take another look tonight and see if I can work out what has changed to
make this start happening.





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Subject: [mythtv] No on screen menus in CVS recent version - using PVR-350tv


Running a CVS build of two days ago with John Harveys ivtv patches, and
using PVR-350 tv-out.


I cannot get any on screen menus.


The log shows "Waiting too long for decoder to pause".


Anyone got any ideas on whether this is a real problem, or whether a longer
wait is needed. The wait appears to be hard coded at 1 second at the moment.





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