[mythtv] Upgraded to CVS as of an hour ago, lost fullscreen mode

David Shay david at shay.net
Sun Nov 21 21:48:42 UTC 2004

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>From: David Shay
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>Subject: [mythtv] Upgraded to CVS as of an hour ago, lost fullscreen mode
>Subject says it.  I am using an Epia M-10000 using the Unichrome/XvMC VLD
stuff.  Everything still works fine but I have borders >when running the
GUI.  When showing TV, there is no border.  Nothing else changed in the
system.  I am using fvwm.
>Any place to look?

Well, I did notice that there were several changes just checked in during
the last two days around running fullscreen/in a window.  Another relevant
data point:  I had overridden the GUI height and width, since I am using a
TV as a monitor, and with overscan I can't see all of the text.  It is fine
for TV viewing, but not for the GUI.  With the overridden height and width
as well as an offset, the GUI fit exactly within the screen as I had it set.
Now, if you set the height and width, you get borders.

Was this an intended side effect of these patches?  Is there some other way
of achieving what I need?  What is anyone else using a TV-out under a Via
6000/9000/10000 doing with respect to overscan and getting this right?

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