[mythtv] Cardinput: onlyone per card possible?

Martin Bene martin.bene at icomedias.com
Sun Nov 21 10:50:49 UTC 2004

Question about use of the cardinput table:

I've got 3 dvb-s receivers with a cam module for pay-tv on one of them,
all 3 hooked up to the same dish. So, while FTA channels can be received
by all cards, pay tv can only be received on the car the the pay-tv
crypto module. 

The obvios setup for this would seem to be:
 - one video source for the fta channels
 - 2nd video source for the pay tv channels
 - cardinput entry for fta for all 3 cards
 - cardinput for pay tv just for the card with the decoder module.

This doesn't seem to be supported however; setup only lets you enter a
single cardinput for each card, and trying to manually add a 2nd
cardinput seems to give strange results (startchan for the paytv
cardinput set to a non-paytv channel for example).

Am I missing something or is the corect/only setup currently possible to
dedicate one card just to the pay tv stuff, making it impossible to
record 3 fta programs concurrently?

Thanks, Martin

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