[mythtv] Black screen after program guide

John Harvey john.p.harvey at btinternet.com
Sat Nov 20 15:05:09 UTC 2004

I've never seen it happen but it's a horrible interaction between the X
driver, the OSD interface in myth and the way the card needs driving. So it
isn't really the fault of myth or ivtv alone but more about myth trying to
overcome shortcoming in the xdriver.
I do have some thoughts about this but not enough time at the moment to make
any progress about fixing them. 

 I think saying that its an ivtv issue purely is a bit harsh since its
really caused by the way myth talks to the 350's frame buffer directly for
some things but uses X for others and a race condition between the 2 causing
this behavior. 

But I would agree that there is little that you can do about it at the


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> On Saturday 20 November 2004 09:38 am, Roger James wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Using the current release build of mythtv and the rc2 build of the ivtv
> > driver on linux-2.6.10.-rc1 and PVR-350 tv out I get a black screen
> after
> > exiting the program guide whilst watching live TV.
> >
> > I can restore the picture by bringing up the on screen menu again. This
> > shows the menu and the portion of the picture covered by the vertical
> > extent of the menu. Dismissing the menu restores the full picture.
> >
> > Bringing up and then dismissing the menu display fixes the problem.
> >
> > I have tried John Harvey's mythtv patch, but with no success.
> >
> > Is this a known problem?
> >
> > Any ideas where I should start looking?
> ivtv issue, not myth.  Nothing I can do about it.
> Isaac
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