[mythtv] [Feature request] Startup delay

Neil Whelchel koyama at firstlight.net
Fri Nov 19 19:05:48 UTC 2004

> On 19/11/2004, at 5:46 PM, Neil Whelchel wrote:
> >
> > A much cleaner answer would be to add a command line switch to
> > mythbackend
> > to make it sleep for a specified time before attempting to connect to
> > the
> > database... Or for all that matter sleep before doing anything...
> >
> > Any thoughts?
> >
> > -Neil Whelchel-
> On Fri, 19 Nov 2004, Ben de Luca wrote:
> That would be a complete waste of time ? learn to use the startup
> scripts on your system instead?

Well, if I was using an off-the-shelf distro, that would be the proper way
to do things.

(And yes, I know how to use many flavors of scripts which
work just fine for a desktop machine. However MOST of the scripts do not
provide for automatic restarting of a service and the ones that do are a
bit too complex and they tend to be a bit unreliable; they also don't tend
to work well with busybox, you need a full copy of bash available.)

In my application I have a very minimal system (busybox, dietlibc, a 7
line startup script) that is built for reliablilty (even the kernel is
tweaked to reboot if init dies). So it comes down to two options:
1. Write a new init that is specific for the job.
2. Add a startup delay to mythbackend.

At the moment I am considering writing a specific init to eliminate the
startup script that I currently have as all the startup script does call a
few things in busybox that mount a few things and play with a few values
in the /proc directory. (It would be nice to add these values into
inittab.) However, adding a startup delay to init to handle one issue is
less attractive than adding a delay to the application in question...

-Neil Whelchel-

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