[mythtv] [Feature request] Startup delay

Neil Whelchel koyama at firstlight.net
Fri Nov 19 06:46:55 UTC 2004

I am using mythbackend on a dedicated machine and I am starting it along
with the database from iniitab. While this does manage to work, there is a
small problem; The database takes alot longer to start than mythbackend
does. So the result is mythbackend respawning several times before the
database comes up. I have corrected this by calling mythbackend from a
shell script which looks something like:

sleep 5
exec mythbackend

A much cleaner answer would be to add a command line switch to mythbackend
to make it sleep for a specified time before attempting to connect to the
database... Or for all that matter sleep before doing anything...

Any thoughts?

-Neil Whelchel-

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