[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

David Engel gigem at comcast.net
Wed Nov 17 01:52:38 UTC 2004

On Tue, Nov 16, 2004 at 05:51:05PM -0500, J. Donavan Stanley wrote:
> >Thanks.  Why did you need that change anyway?  Won't smooth 1.5X speed
> >suffice for your needs?  I know using a fast motion speed for
> >fast-forward creates some control issues, but they can be taken care
> >of.
> Without that change, speeds less than 3x can not be added to the seek 
> speed array which means I'd have to map another set of FFWD/REW keys on 
> my remote.  Under the new code 2x and 3x would be the most often used here.

It will work if you disable the check in TV to see if the decoder
dropped out of skip mode.  I'm going to fix that check when I try to
handle the current race conditions.  Hopefully, that will be later
this week.

David Engel
gigem at comcast.net

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