[mythtv] Re: request: OSX mythfrontend and winmyth for CVS backend

Gavin Hurlbut gjhurlbu+mythtv-dev at beirdo.ca
Mon Nov 15 17:57:06 UTC 2004

Jeremiah Morris <jm at whpress.com> wrote:
> Today is the first time ever that an unmodified CVS checkout of mythtv 
> compiles and works on OS X.

Woohoo!  I compiled CVS as of last night, and sure enough, it came up nicely
on my 500MHz G3 iBook.  Of course, playback was painful, etc, but that is an
exercise in tweaking for later.

> I know there's lots of interest in this, but currently it takes a great 
> deal of effort to get Myth and (more importantly) all of the 
> dependencies to work together.  Compiling is easy compared to the rest 
> of the steps; we need to come up with an integrated solution, or we 
> won't really be helping anyone.  I would rather spend time getting it 
> right than answering support requests for a hastily produced binary.

Fair enough.  At least the CVS code seems to be mostly operational as it stands
now.  This gives me enough ammunition to start looking at tweaking for my poor
non-Altivec processor :)

> So, I ask all of the OS X folks to have patience a little while longer. 
>   When we're ready, we'll do it in the true Macintosh way, but honestly 
> we're not there yet.

Nice.  Just please make sure that the CVS way works too :)  hehe.

I ran Shark on my iBook, and found out something interesting.  about 20% of the
CPU time is used to resample my audio.  Seems the iBook can only native play
44.1kHz sampling...  and all my recordings are 48kHz.  Just wonderful.  I will
try again with 44.1kHz recordings, see how things go.  Once that's all done, I
may look at optimizing some of the libavcodec stuff for the non-altivec case.
Yeah, I'm a sucker for punishment. :)

P.S.  Is there any official sentiment on having CPU-specific assembly added for
some of the video decoding stuff?


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