AW: [mythtv] [Experimental PATCH] BIG DVB PATCH V2.0 Released

Martin Bene martin.bene at
Mon Nov 15 07:33:48 UTC 2004

> > Channel Scan did finish, but the list of discovered 
> > channels is not complete;
> > 304 channels were discovered while dvbscan lists 516. Some 
> > of the FTA
> > channels I actually use are missing.
> Are there missing radio channels?  Are you missing channels 
> that only broadcast  during certain times?  If its the later 
> the scan class fix will get this for you most likely..

The 516 channels listed for dvbscan are all tv channels, I already
discardeded radio channels and channels without names (listed as [xxxx]
in dvbscan). Dvbscan was run just a few minutes after mythtv scan, so
the results shuld be comparable; at least some of the missing channels
send 7x24.

Sorry about the chanid/channum mixup, should have been obvious. 

Tune/watch dvb now works as before. I should get a CAM within the next
few days, I can do some more testing w/ encrypted channels and multiple
audio feeds then.

For now, I see two main remaining issues with dvb usability:

First issue is that Mythtv doesn't handle low signal/encrypted/inactive
channels gracefully. If you hit a channel where the backend can't read
data from the capture card, the frontend freezes up and requires
fiddling with setup to change the default channel back to something
usable + restarting the backend.

The second issue I see is the flood of channels imported by the current
scanning scheme; Scan should find ~ 500 TV Channels. About 50 of these
are FTA channels in a language I actually understand, the rest are
encrypted and/or in a langage I don't speak.

What would be nice would be a filter for the scanner where you can tell
it: just accept programs that are 
 - FTA or
 - encrypted for a CAM that's currently plugged in and
 - have audio in one of my languages (enterd on the scan form)

That should get the list of imported channels down to something much
more managable and useful.

Thanks, Martin

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