[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

David Shay david at shay.net
Mon Nov 15 02:16:51 UTC 2004

On Sunday 14 November 2004 08:14 pm, J. Donavan Stanley wrote:

> David Engel wrote:
> >On Sun, Nov 14, 2004 at 02:44:09PM -0500, J. Donavan Stanley wrote:
> >>But those require additional buttons on the remote.  It's far simpler to
> >>have one FFWD and REW button than  two sets.  If the new code can't
> >
> >So edit tv_play.cpp and set the speeds you want.  That's what I've
> >done for ages since I don't as many speeds as have always been there.
> >Or better yet, add a configuration screen to make them completely
> >customizable.
> While I certainly can change the speeds by editing code, the user base
> can't.  The reaction of the users will probably be much like that of my
> wife when I failed to note that speeds < 5x were missing before rolling
> out an update to our main box, and it wasn't pretty.

Just for another viewpoint, I just updated our main box and after the initial 
"Huh?" got comments like "That's more like how the Tivo responds...".  I also 
think it seems more "natural" in its progression of speeds and starting 

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