[mythtv] [patch] libmythsoundtouch, mmx_gcc.cpp compile fix

Mark Spieth mark at dclabs.com.au
Sun Nov 14 04:56:23 UTC 2004

ahh. now I understand why before when it was part of libmyth that it didnt
preserve ebx even though its perfectly safe to do so. ebx now not used at
2.95 seems to be ok too so not sure why olli did some things like preserve
esi explicitly for some reason.
patch is attached with options forced to include -fomit_frame_pointer
hopefully you will like this one better.

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> On Saturday 13 November 2004 09:39 pm, Mark Spieth wrote:
> > I tried to make the minimum changes to the authors routines.
> > Ill let olli (author of libsoundtouch) know of these issues.
> > attached is a patch which should work under 3.4 and the rest.
> > ebx save is removed. seems to preserve the ebx reg correctly.
> > works on 3.2.3, 3.4 and 2.95 . checked the output with objdump to make
> > this was so in all these.
> > hoepfully the force of -fomit-frame-pointer in CXXFLAGS doesnt affect
> > OSX people.
> > a bit of research said that this was the answer.
> Don't think this patch'll work - we need to add a -fPIC to the compile
line as
> well, since it's going into a shared lib, and that'll start using ebx.
> of the asm statements need to be redone to not specifically use ebx.
> ie., once -fPIC is added, we'll get these errors with 3.4:
>     mmx_gcc.cpp:198: error: PIC register `%ebx' clobbered in `asm'
> Isaac
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