[mythtv] [PATCH] time stretch update

Mark Spieth mark at dclabs.com.au
Sat Nov 13 22:38:34 UTC 2004

novel idea. is there any way of keeping up the main menu with a slider
otherwise the slider will need to be brought up with a separate submenu. I
need the slider to be activated by the menu too for my frontend remote.
as far as I can tell, the main menu disappears as soon as the slider is
I had TOGGLESTRETCH event issued on root menu select.
correct me if Im wrong.
I find the slider to be quite instant with my remote. I can scan through the
whole range in about 10 secs.
perhaps the concept of a default button while in slider mode to set default
settings. perhaps select? this however may be too annoying if people are in
the habit of pressing select for unneccessary things.
> My implementation of the menu was in addition to, rather than
> replacing, the slider functionality -- sorry for not making that clear
> in my post.  It offers a few options and then brings up the slider for
> finer control.  (Think of it like bookmarks.)  I like having one choice
> to bring it back to 1.0, rather than having to reposition it with
> several adjustments (awkward with my remote).
> I like the slider too, but just as there's both a keystroke and a menu
> item for invoking it, I think there's room for menu shortcuts as well
> as slider adjustments.
> Great job,
> Jeremiah


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