[mythtv] [PATCH] Mythvideo compiling on Mac OS X? and keypresses in VideoManager

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Sat Nov 13 22:36:32 UTC 2004

On Thursday 11 November 2004 03:35 pm, Jeremiah Morris wrote:
> On 27 Oct 2004, at 10:20 PM, Joshua King wrote:
> > I had to change some flags in the qmake .pro files for Mythvideo to
> > get it
> > to stop complaining about undefined references when linking, including
> > telling it to link against 'myth-0.16' (might not be a good solution
> > since
> > Mythvideo is supposed to support >= 0.14 but it is applied to Mac OS X
> > only
> > -- any better ideas as to how I do this?)
> I didn't need "-L$${PREFIX}/lib" to get it working for me.  As for
> linking to "myth-0.16", this wouldn't be necessary if myth installed
> symlinks without the version number.  Does anyone reading this know why
> this isn't done?  Is it because we haven't hit 1.0?

Is it really necessary for the plugin to be linked to the lib at all?  It's 
being dynamically loaded _from_ the lib, which should take care of the 
dependency at runtime, and not need it at compile time.  I'd rather not go 
back to having the plugins linked to libmyth unless absolutely necessary - 
it's much easier to update.

And, yeah, the version numbering is because I occasionally want to run a 
stable lib with a dev version. =)

I'll get everything but the lib linking changes in to CVS..


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