[mythtv] [Patch] Add group handling to mythweb

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Sat Nov 13 19:29:05 UTC 2004

committed, with some minor touchups.


Eric Thelin wrote:
> Sorry if this is a dup.  I have moved the patch to a web server.
> Get it at http://eric.thelin.org/mythtv/mythweb.group.patch.gz
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> From: Eric Thelin <eric.thelin at gmail.com>
> Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 10:44:38 -0700
> Subject: Patch to add group handling to mythweb
> To: mythtv-dev <mythtv-dev at mythtv.org>
> This patch lets you view recording groups, sort by recording groups,
> and set recording groups.  It doesn't let you create new groups
> because everything is handled by select boxes but that is  something
> that could be added in the future.  It currently only supports the
> Default theme in English.  If it is accepted I can experiment with the
> compact theme but I don't have a device to test vxml or wap.  Can't
> remember the proper patch format so I guessed.  I created the patch
> file with cvs diff -u.  If that is wrong let me know and I will create
> a new patch.  I did my work off of .16 and then ported forward to
> current CVS and there weren't any conflicts (manually verified) so if
> you are still running .16 it should apply cleanly there as well
> (actually there is one difference in a line not covered by my patch
> but that shouldn't make any difference).
> Eric
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