[mythtv] Small patch for non unsynchronized id3v2 tags

Hugues Lismonde hugues.lismonde at hli.be
Sat Nov 13 18:50:32 UTC 2004


First, thanks for the great work on MythTV, it's a wonderful piece of 

Now for my problem. When using mythmusic, half of my music collection 
played weird (slow sound, bad channel detection). I posted on myth-user 
but since I got no response, I've done my homework.
My mp3's are managed by iTunes and those failing have album art 
embedded. After a bit of search, it seems that iTunes does not 
unsynchronize the id3v2 tag, which is allowed using the proper flag but 
unfortunately breaks libmad (and mythmusic). Having found this, I made 
a little patch to skip the tag when not unsynchronized. Feel free to 
include it in mythmusic if it suits you.

Something else now: I'm planning to write an AAC decoder (probably 
followed by the encoder) for mythmusic and would like to know if 
someone else was already working on this (so we can avoid duplicate 
Hugues Lismonde < hugues.lismonde at hli.be >

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