[mythtv] Re: Patch: Latest Audio Patch

Huang Tingjie tingjie at treblid.dyndns.org
Fri Nov 12 17:02:42 UTC 2004

Yup. Include volumecontrol.cpp in SOURCES in libmyth.pro solves the 
unresolved symbol problem. But then you are going to replace 
volumecontrol with volumebase anyway right?

Index: libmyth.pro
RCS  /var/lib/mythcvs/mythtv/libs/libmyth/libmyth.pro,v
retrieving revision 1.56
diff -r1.56 libmyth.pro
< SOURCES += volumebase.cpp audiooutputbase.cpp
 > SOURCES += volumebase.cpp audiooutputbase.cpp volumecontrol.cpp

> Well, VolumeControl is defined in libmyth.so, but it should all be 
> correct.  I didn't deliberately remove it...
> Not sure exactly.  I'm just working on rewriting the mythmusic audio 
> output anyway, but perhaps someone else could take a quick look at 
> this for a quick fixup.  I'm sure that it must be a change to the 
> libs/libmyth/libmyth.pro file in the main myth code.  Revert any 
> changes to "volumecontrol.cpp or .h" and see if this fixes it.
> Ed W
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