[mythtv] MyThTV with ARTS, please help

Esa Nurmi esa.i.nurmi at kolumbus.fi
Thu Nov 11 18:10:33 UTC 2004

Ed Wildgoose wrote:

> Hi
>> I've been trying to make MyTh work with ARTS instead of OSS.
>> So far I always receive the error "Cannot Create AudioOutput"
>> at run time.
>> Are there some special tricks involved ?
> Are you using CVS or the last release?  I have made quite a few 
> changes to the current cvs and tried to fixup the Arts driver, but I 
> haven't tested the changes much
> Basically you need to have artsd running and tested to be working with 
> some other app.  Apart from that you probably either need to be on the 
> users list if this is just a setup question, or if it's cvs then send 
> me some more info so that I can debug it a little
Thanks for the timely reply. I am using the CVS of last Saturday I 
believe. Have you committed
changes thereafter ?

ARTS itself works well; e..g. with XMMS or other ARTS based apps.

I'll co the latest CVS and send you more info thereafter.


I suppose one should "enable" ARTS and "disable" both OSS and ALSA in 
Is that correct ?

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