[mythtv] Status of mythtv packaging out of CVS and CVS versioning

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Thu Nov 11 00:20:34 UTC 2004

> in the past there were mixed feelings on packaging CVS
> bits. Personally I think it did benefit the project as more people
> could switch to CVS and back (only manual labour was to backup/restore
> the mysql database) and could provide feedback. Also packagers could
> shake off packaging bugs before the release.

As before, I will put forth my vote in support of this.  I currently 
package my own stuff from cvs, but it's hard to know where new added 
files will be placed in the official packages once they're released.

Axel's naming convention is fine with me (I just use "cvs20041110" as 
the release number, which probably isn't the best way of doing things, 
but it's just me, so I don't care).


> But there were also instances were people were reporting fixed bugs
> from previous CVS versions as they had not updated to the final
> release.
> As a way to have both benefits (accurate reports and early adopters) I
> suggest to get some more or less blessed and official versioning
> scheme for CVS, which would be used by packagers. It could be
> something like
> 	  0.16 < 0.16.0.cvs20041110 < 0.17
> It just need to fit in rpm's/deb's/gentoo's etc versioning scheme
> (e.g. the inequality above must hold for all), which the above
> suggestion fulfills.
> (The suggestion above is just an example, but it should be the same
> scheme across distributions, e.g. given by upstream developers,
> e.g. you! ;)
> Thanks!
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