[mythtv] [EXPerimental PATCH] BIG DVB PATCH V1.1

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 10 14:31:58 UTC 2004

> If you have a couple of minutes I have a quick question: It seems the
> serviceid is not set in the PMTObject, which is kinda bad since the CAM
> needs that to know which service we're tuned to :)

The ServiceID is head->table_id, so this field can be added to the PMTObeject if
the CAM needs it.. I had always planned on knowing what ServiceID the PMT was
associated with, but putting it in there is not a big deal if its necessary..

> There is a field in the PMT called "program_number" - is this the same
> as serviceid? In that case I can probably use that and set the serviceid
> in ParsePMT. Any ideas on how to get it otherwise?

I think this may be the field I was talking about above.. At some point I need
to spend some time withe DVB/ATSC/MPEGTS specs and ensure fields are named
appropriatly.. I had started doing that, but I got sloppy at some point.. This
obviously isn't imperative to the patch working, but would make patches much
easier by other people..

> I guess we could do a "PMT.ServiceID = channel.serviceID" in dvbchannel
> when tuning but that would feel a bit like a hack...

Not a fan of that :)

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