[mythtv] RE: End of recording when not at the end

Colin Cross colin at colincross.com
Tue Nov 9 00:25:08 UTC 2004

Mauricio Piacentini wrote:

>> I've seen this on my myth machine.  Frontend and backend are on the
>> same machine, so if there's a timeskew it's a problem in the
>> application.  And yes, the actual machine date/time/tz is correct.
> This looks like a different cause for a similar problem. In my case I 
> was seeing this issue when the frontend and backend were running on 
> different machines with a difference in clock (1 hour, due to a 
> delayed update to summer time.) When I tried to view a recording in 
> progress the frontend did not "know" that the recording was taking 
> place, and considered that I was trying to view a pre-recorded show.
> The duration was not updated during playback in this scenario, and 
> playback would be erractic when I tried to FF past the duration 
> indicated (which was a snapshot of the duration at the time playback 
> was initiated).

I also have this problem.  I have seen this problem since installing the 
0.16 atrpms packages, and it still occurs with custom RPMs of 
yesterday's CVS.  All my recordings are from bt878 cards.  The problem 
occurs when playing on a remote frontend or a local frontend.  All times 
are synchronized with ntp.

As far as I can tell, the duration is getting updated whenever I skip, 
pause, etc, but not when its just playing.  Here's some steps I used to 
reproduce it:
1. Start a recording
2. Skip all the way to the end of the recording (in my case, 8:45 in).
3. Pause for 15 seconds (letting the recording end time get to 9:00)
4. Unpause the recording
5. Hit 'i' every 5 seconds to get the OSD back when it fades away
6. When the playback time gets to 9:00, but recording end time is 9:15, 
playback ends
Note that the OSD end time is getting updated, but the player end time 

Here's the only relevent mythfrontend -v playback lines:
<After skipping to near the end of the recording>
2004-11-08 18:59:49 DoFastForward: Not enough info in positionMap, we 
need frame 53452 but highest we have is 53130
2004-11-08 18:59:49 Filling position map from 1772 to 1784
2004-11-08 18:59:49 Position map filled from Encoder to: 1784
2004-11-08 18:59:49 SyncPositionMap watchingrecording total: 1785 entries
<bunch of A/V sync crap, 15 seconds pass>
2004-11-08 18:59:56 >> Player timeout

Suggests that the  "while (!eof && !killplayer)" loop in 
NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp is exiting prematurely, although I haven't figured 
out why yet.

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