[mythtv] [EXPerimental PATCH] BIG DVB PATCH V1.1

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 9 00:11:41 UTC 2004


> Yeah, that would be even easier! But the code in dvbchannel only runs
> upon tuning, and I think we need to track PMT updates/changes somehow,
> right? Let's say I'm tuned to service 4711 and we set up the CAM after
> tuning and everything is working great, when suddenly service 4711
> changes (a new audio stream with AC3 sound, a new subtitling stream or
> whatever). Then the CAM would need a new PMT so that the new streams get
> decrypted. But maybe this is too advanced? I don't even know how the DVB
> recorder would react to something like that.

Well long term plan is to track all table changes (means just leaving table fds
open and adding version to the SectionTrackerObject).  Based on that a signal
would be the way to go.. Hopefully I haven't overlooked something here that
will allow this in the future.. As for the recorder needing to adapt you are
right, signals are the only way.. I had also wanted to make it so that if you
lost the signal it would pause the recorder and restart it when a lock was
re-aquirred.. There are tons of little things like this that need to be done..
One again it would be nice if you could somehow make the FE get a notice that
signal had been lost while recording (the DirecTV Tivo here inthe states does
that, although it is a bit annoying when it pops up.. Dare we do this and make
yet another option?)

> >This way there might be some way in the future for checking for
> authorization
> >from the cam.. Which in the long run would allow you to pop a message to >
That would be nice indeed! I don't know if/how we get the result from
> the CAM but it's worth looking into. :-)

I would be shocked if you couldnt get hte authorization status from the CAM
module. I don't know if the code in use now for CAMs supports that, but I am
sure the modules are capable of leting you know if they are authorized in some
way since you are supposed to be able to take the PCMCIA adaptor and move it to
a different IRD (assuming there are no marrying issues) and it should work..
This of course is more a long term thing, but getting authorization status for
channels would be good for doing initial service scans as well to only list
channels you are authorized for..

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