[mythtv] Running X11 on FC2

Matthew Gleed mgleed at gleed.us
Mon Nov 8 23:19:50 UTC 2004

I'd think this post should belong in the user list.  Anyways...

How about the output of your XFree86.log and/or what ever error messages 
X prints to the console when launched.

What ivtv driver are you using?  I'd recommend a recent (or latest 
0.2.0-rc2n) CK ivtv. using the new X driver found in the utils directory.

What x driver are you using in xfree86?  I'd recommend using the new X 
driver found in the utils directory of the later 0.2.0-rc2 releases.


Argenis Tovar wrote:

>I recently upgraded my system from FC1 to FC2 (did not change any
>hardware), and finally have everything working but every time I try to
>load X11 on my PVR-350 it fails.
>I did the manual tests on /dev/fb0 and it seems to work fine, and used
>the correct PCI bus ID from 'lspci -v'.. Any ideas? Please let me know
>what information would you like me to collect to help diagnose this
>Argenis Tovar
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