[mythtv] Re: [EXPerimental PATCH] BIG DVB PATCH V1.1

Ciaran ciaranj at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 19:21:33 UTC 2004

Ah, my bad sorry  :(
- Ciaran

On Mon,  8 Nov 2004 13:44:30 -0500, Taylor Jacob <rtjacob at earthlink.net> wrote:
> > pookie:/home/mythtv/mythtv_dvb_patch_v1.1/mythscan# ./mythscan2
> If you read the documentation for mythscan2 you can see what you need to do to
> get it running.. Mythscan2 is not meant for long term use, but meerly was a way
> for me to test the scanning and table portions outside of running the backend
> all the time..  There is no check in mythscan to see if you are passing in a
> command line option, and if you don't it isn't going to work.. Read on as I
> have cut and pasted the required reading section below..
> Quoting the documentation included with the patchfile(s):
> If you want to test the EIT code that is partially in place you will need to use
> the mythscan2.cpp application that is included with this tarball and edit the
> QStringList and make it have all of the serviceIDs you want guide for.. The EIT
> routines are not really in place so if this doesn't work well be patient.. You
> will then have to build mythscan2 and run it with the dvb_tid of the transport
> you want to tune to as a command line option.   Look at the database if this
> doesn't make sense.  Please note that I have no intention of making an external
> guide scanner, and it will all be embeded in myth and enabled via the
> VideoSource screen at some point, so don't expect mythscan2 to last for
> forever.
> Taylor

- Ciaran

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