[mythtv] [EXPerimental PATCH] BIG DVB PATCH V1.1

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 8 15:25:01 UTC 2004

> Yeah, I have an idea how to do this. Give me some time and I'll see what
> I can do. :)

OK.. Sounds good..

> Is it safe to ship over a PMTObject* pointer to the CAM class via a QT
> signal? I guess I would need to send over the mutex handle too, and get
> a lock before using the object? Or would locking the object cause
> problems for the siparser? Any thoughts?

I had been thinking that there was no need to use a signal here.. If you are
using the PMT for tuning then you need to wait for it to show up.. I haven't
ever seen it take a second even here in my tests, so this waiting doesn't seem
unreasonable.. It of course never beat the DB Cached version when I was testing
it, but it never seemed to be such a slowdown that it was worth worrying about..

Since Cam hangs off of channel (MAYBE it should go with recorder, but it doesn't
exactly fit either place so i say leave it in channel).. You could just directly
send the data to cam when its ready (via a pointer if you want).. I.E. in


This way there might be some way in the future for checking for authorization
from the cam.. Which in the long run would allow you to pop a message to the
frontend saying "Channel Not Authorized" or "Waiting to Decrypt".. I don't know
if this is possible with the CAM code in place now, but would allow for this if
after you set the PMT object you check for authorization..

if (!cam->Authorzied())
   MessageToFE("Channel Not Authorized");

Something along the lines of that.. I suppose signals could be used for the same
result, but I don't see much use in them..

Is that clear as mud?  I was quite long winded..


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