[mythtv] Matching duplicates

John Patrick Poet john at BlueSkyTours.com
Mon Nov 8 04:47:21 UTC 2004

I have seen at least one case where "Matching duplicates using subtitles 
and descriptions" is insufficient.  It can happen when a show has 
multiple parts.  The show name, subtitle, and description will all be 
the same for each of the parts.  Even the "Program ID" is the same for 
each of the parts. 

The only reason I know it is made up of multiple parts and is not a 
repeat, is because "INFO" shows "Part 1 of 2", "Part 2 of 2" as part of 
the show properties.

I assume that for someone familiar with the right part of the code, 
extending the duplicate check to include the "Part 1 of 2" info would be 
pretty easy.  Except it does not look like that information is saved 
with each recording.  It only shows up when "INFO" is displayed for 
future recordings.

While I would probably be willing to take a crack at adding the "Part 1 
of 2" information to the duplicate check, I am not comfortable with 
modifying the database schema to include the extra information.  I would 
appreciate it if someone would take a look at saving that extra info 
with each recording.

It also does not look like information such as actors and guest stars is 
saved with each recording.  While not required, it would be nice to be 
able to bring up that info for a recorded show.



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