[mythtv] Re: [EXPerimental PATCH] BIG DVB PATCH V1.1

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 8 01:03:43 UTC 2004

> >>2004-11-07 19:50:22 DVB#0 ERROR - Invalid polarization, aborting.
> >>2004-11-07 19:50:22 SIScan: Transport Failed to Tune
> >>2004-11-07 19:50:22 SIScan: Tuning to DVB_TID 7

The polarization looks ok in the DB, somehow its getting fubared between the DB
and the code.. Can you go into the transport editor (under videosource) and see
that its set to "Horizontal" there?  This is the weirdest error ive seen yet,
because everything looks ok..

> Hmm, syntactically OK, but that frequency sure looks strange. also, it
> does not show up in the channels.conf generated by dvbscan.

http://www.satcodx2.com/0192/usa/ - If you look at transport 103 it clearly
exists with those parameters, so it DOES exist in the NIT table.. The 12ghz
frequency isn't odd, many of the channels I get get here are 12ghz..

> >>* Channel Names are not Ok in many (not all) cases; there's extra
> >>control characters embedded in the channel names:
> >>86 6c 61 73 74 6d 69 6e 87 75 74 65 2e 74 76  .lastmin.ute.tv

> Not that I'd know, they're neither expected nor displayed by my
> stand-alone sat receiver or dvbscan. Looking at dvbscan output it seems
> to be some kind of emphasis/highlighting for name display? (see attached
> sdt.txt)

Obviously i need to just strip these out, since they are some sort of emphasis
that isn't going to do any good in Myth..

> Yes, the backtrace is quite obviously useless w/o symbols. Don't know
> how to do it right and get useable output though. I'll give your
> suggestion a try and see what happens.

Look at mythtv.org for debug compile options, and follow that.. Pretty simple.
Just edit the settings.pro, set debug on, dist-clean and make...


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