[mythtv] End of recording when not at the end

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Mon Nov 8 00:30:55 UTC 2004

Torbjörn Jansson wrote:

>I just updated my mythtv installation to latest cvs.
>When i watch a recording and after a short while mythfrontend thinks it's at
>the end of the file so it quits playback and asks me if i want to delete the
>But it's not at the end of the file.
>If i play the file again and fastforward to the point where i was last
>wathing it i can continue a bit more but after a while the same thing
>happends again.
>Anyone else seen this?
>Any clues on why it does this?
>Last time i updated my cvs checkout is from maybe a few weeks back, and then
>it worked just fine.
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I have this happen all the time. I have just been living with it. It 
seems to mostly happen when watching something while it is being 
recorded and gets near the point where it is live.

- James

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