[mythtv] [PATCH] mythtv: synchronize + missing theme strings/updated german translations

Oscar Carlsson webmaster at trekotor.se
Fri Nov 5 00:03:27 UTC 2004

> attached is a .tgz tr'ing some untranslated strings in statusbox.cpp,

Didn't apply this yet. It's a bit too late at the moment, but you're 
adding stuff?

> adding some missing strings to themestrings.h 

This should be done automatically with some script that Isaac has.. 
He'll have to do it in order to make sure it's allright.

>and synchronizing a few strings which were different in the Titivillus theme. (all in fix_theme_strings...tgz)


> The mythfrontend_... patches update the .ts and .xml files and already
> contain the new translations from the first patch.



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