[mythtv] [PATCH] Qt window regression under Mac OS X

Jeremiah Morris jm at whpress.com
Thu Nov 4 18:00:06 UTC 2004

After the October 26 commit, which included "Work around the fullscreen 
positioning/sizing breakage with more recent Qt versions", the OS X 
build stopped behaving properly in a few situations.

When the fullscreen/windowed check was moved, a Mac #ifdef that applied 
only to the fullscreen case was orphaned from the check and always 
applied.  The attached patch ensures that it only runs in the 
fullscreen case.

Also, the Qt window style WStyle_NoBorder (used in the fullscreen case) 
prevents window activation in Qt/Mac 3.3.3, so that the main window 
never gets keyboard events.  This is a bad thing.  The patch also fixes 
this to use the visually equivalent WStyle_Splash instead.  I don't 
know if the Splash style is better or worse under X11, so I've wrapped 
the change in a Mac #ifdef.  If the Splash style works for all 
platforms, this #ifdef could go; otherwise it will have to remain as a 
workaround until NoBorder works properly under Qt/Mac.

- Jeremiah

P.S. Another, probably related problem: changing the "Run frontend in a 
window" checkbox in the Appearance configuration no longer updates the 
window as it used to.  Since the fullscreen/windowed check has been 
moved to frontend startup, I'm not surprised.  Can anyone point me to 
the code that gets called when the Appearance settings are saved?  It 
would be nice to reinstate this feature, unless there are arguments 
against it.
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