[mythtv] learning programming with mythweb

Christopher Flynn flynnguy at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 15:17:54 UTC 2004

I am fairly new to the world of c++ and I would like to learn more. I
figured that mythweb might be a good place to start. (Please correct
me if I'm wrong) I started to look at some of the plugin code as I
figured it would probably be the best place to start. I just have a
few questions.

For the examples I'll reference mythdvd...
So the plugin starts at mythplugin_run(void) correct? Now is this
defined by a menu item in mythtv itself somewhere? Ok, so
mythplugin_run(void) runs and calls runMenu("dvdmenu.xml") which is
another function specific to the plugin but required?

So runMenu() takes a string (in this case dvdmenu.xml) and get's the
directory of the themes (with the gContext->GetThemeDir();) and then
creates a new ThemedMenu object called diag? It then configures the
dialog and then executes it? What happens then? I'm guessing it sits
on that menu screen and waits for user input but what happens when say
PLAY_DVD is pressed?

My guess is that playDVD(void) is executed but I have no idea how that happens. 

Any links to documentation that might help would also be apreciated. I
do have a book on qt that I got when I wanted to write my own program
from scratch (unrelated to mythtv... it was a recipe program) but
certain things in the implementation aspect got in the way. (I was
having trouble with the ingredients field and having a variable
ammount) So most of the qt stuff makes some sense. I'd really
apreciate any help and guidance.
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