[mythtv] Re: Re: MacOS X binary Rev1 released

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Thu Nov 4 04:09:10 UTC 2004

	Hi Brad.

> - I am using a 15" aluminum powerbook and unfortunately the screen 
> dims and eventually turns off according to my settings in the Energy 
> Saver prefpane
> Ideally, I suppose it shouldn't sleep the display while video is 
> actually playing, although I guess it would be beneficial if it were 
> allowed to sleep when not playing video (such as when in a menu).

	Good idea. I have added it to my list:


	If you want to save us some time though,
sample code to disable the energy saver would help.
A half hour of Googling should be enough :-)

> - Although mythtvfrontend seems to be running well, everytime I quit 
> the frontend I get an error message saying that the application 
> unexpectedly quit. Are others having this problem. If someone thinks 
> they could track it down, I'd be happy to provide the details from the 
> crash report.

	Jeremiah and I have noticed this. It is only when using
the latest videoout code (i.e. the one that can drive the dock
icon and a transparent floating window), and usually after
viewing video in a window.

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