[mythtv] [Experimental PATCH] BIG DVB PATCH V1

Stephen Williams stephen.gw at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 10:41:01 UTC 2004

> I get this too, but its because the backend segfaults, are you sure
> the backend's still running ? In my case I don't see anything
> suspicious in the logs, only when I run it manuall y (i.e. not my
> /etc/init.d script) do I see that the backend segfaults as it tries to
> instantiate a scanner :(. [I know, I will provide backtraces as soon
> as I find any spare time!!]
> - ciaran

No, the backend doesn't appear to be segfaulting. When I run it
manually it seems to be fine and keeps running. Is there anyway useful
way I can try and debug what's going on here?


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