[mythtv] [Experimental PATCH] BIG DVB PATCH V1

Stephen Williams stephen.gw at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 10:19:19 UTC 2004

> Thats not a descriptor, but a custom catagory (Which aren't being parsed very
> deeply with the current patch).. In the UK the 0x80 channel number descriptor
> is the only one I am aware of..

Sorry, too much terminology ;-) I wasn't aware of the channel number
descriptor, although it would be nice to have this working. I'll look
into adding that in if I find the time.

Had a play about with the patch last night. Started out slow as the
setup program kept locking up whenever it tried to use by Nova-T card.
Managed to get it working by upgrading to the latest linuxtv DVB
drivers, I kind of knew the old version I was using was a little flaky
(had to unload / reload the driver between backend restarts) but in
normal use it wokried without a hitch. After changing drivers the
setup program was able to scan and find all available channels.

Unfortunately, the frontend refuses to connect to the backend. The log
output from the backend looks very encouraging, everything appears to
be working. The frontend puts up the usual "can't connect" message
suggesting I check IP addresses, etc. This a combined frontend /
backend built from CVS dated 29-11-2004 with patch V1 applied. Any


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