[mythtv] Gentoo myth CVS ebuilds

Andrew Mahone andrew.mahone at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 07:32:06 UTC 2004

I've updated my set of Gentoo CVS ebuilds for MythTV and friends. 
They are based on the 0.16 ebuilds, and and have the same package
names, are all labeled as being version 5.  The mythtv, mythfrontend,
mythbrowser, mythtvdvd, mythgallery, mythgame, mythmusic, mythvideo,
and mythweather packages all compile and install correctly with a CVS
checkout from about a week ago (I'm mostly offline lately).  I've
tested mythtv, mythfrontend, mythvideo, and mythdvd, and made sure
they work properly.

Bzip2'ed tarball is at http://ice-nine.us/mythtv-cvs-ebuilds.tar.bz2,
please let me know if any problems are experienced with these ebuilds,
especially if any of the patches they use from gentoo are merged into

WARNING: these are intended for developers working on current CVS
versions of mythtv, and for users who understand that the CVS tree is
under constant development, and wish to help test it.  Gentoo users
who just want to use MythTV should not be using these - just use the
distribution-provided mythtv 0.16 ebuilds.
Andrew Mahone
andrew DOT mahone AT gmail DOT com

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