[mythtv] [Experimental PATCH] BIG DVB PATCH V1

Endaf Jones jonese at zener.com
Tue Nov 2 01:12:49 UTC 2004

Didn't exactly work for me.

I'm pointing at Galaxy 10R, with several FTA signals.  I have a switch 
with the 3rd port connected to my linear LNB.  I also have a motor, but 
I'm not playing with that at the moment (I just moved it to the 
satellite positions with my Windows machine).

I'm using a Nexus DVB-S card.

When I go and scan the transports in the channel editor, I put in Freq: 
12114000, Polairy=V, SR=4444000.  I hit "Scan for channels" and I see 
the signal level meters move around a little for about 5 seconds, then a 
message appear in the top window:

Processing Transport List
Network DiviCom Test Processing
finished processing Transport List

As I look in the screen where myth setup was run, I see the following:

2004-11-01 16:40:18 DVB#0 DiSEqC 1.0 Switch - Port 2
2004-11-01 16:40:18 DVB#0 Requesting PMap
2004-11-01 16:40:19 DVB#0 WARNING - Status: NO LOCK!
2004-11-01 16:40:19 DVB#0 WARNING - Status: CARRIER | SIGNAL | NO LOCK!
2004-11-01 16:40:23 DVB#0 ERROR - Poll timed out too many times, bailing.
2004-11-01 16:40:23 SIScan: Transport Failed to Tune
Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0x32ff)!
2004-11-01 16:40:29 SIParser: ERROR: PMap Timeout in PAT Stage!

and a little bit later:

QpaintDevice: Cannot destroy paint device that is being painted
2004-11-01 16:41:55 SIParser: Stopping SIScanner
2004-11-01 16:41:55 SIParser: SIScanner Stopped
2004-11-01 16:41:55 Closing DVB channel
closing DVBStats

I hit finish when the signal levels stop jumping around and the screen 
changes and doesn't refresh and looks like locks up.  I have to ^C setup 
to get out of it.

There are no transports added that I can tell...

I've tried other frequencies on that satellite and get similar results....

# Endaf

Taylor Jacob wrote:

>Here it is folks:
>I finally made a patch from my/John Pullans code.  This is not complete, but
>this is easily enough to get everyone started with the new DVB codebase I am
>working on.
>Included in this patch are the following:
>- Auto-PID tuning for FTA channels (CAM code isn't written yet since neither of
>us have a cam module)
>- New Database structure
>- Transport and Service Scanning (one time scanning - operational scanning while
>myth is running not implimented yet)
>- Some basic support for Guide loading (will require using an external app for
>now to test with)
>- Numerous threading fixes for siparser and status monitor (cam still to be
>done) code.
>- Support for ATSC over DVB service scanning
>- Framework for ATSC guide loading so pchdtv guys can get started playing with
>this new code
>You can get the patch files from here.  I had a few issues last night making the
>patch where I revereted some myth-cvs code, I think I have taken care of all of
>this, but if there is something left please let me know..
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