[mythtv] [Experimental PATCH] BIG DVB PATCH V1

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Mon Nov 1 23:37:09 UTC 2004

>> Just thought it may be something to worry about, and be easier to
>> change sooner rather than later if it is required. Is there anybody
>> out there actually using DVB or ATSC on a big-endian system?
> I hadn't even thought about endianess when I started writing this 
> code.. I will
> add it to the list of things to work on.. If Nigel tries to get this 
> stuff to
> work on a Mac

	That will be a _long_ time off. I barely have time
to think about frontend stuff, let alone pondering backends
on Macs (or Sparcs, or anythine else big endian).

	This is backend-only, right?

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