[mythtv] [Experimental PATCH] BIG DVB PATCH V1

Stephen Williams stephen.gw at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 15:29:36 UTC 2004

> Its from from re-intenting the wheel when you internalize all of the guide
> loading directly into the database.  The goal of this patch in the end is to
> make Myth adapt to DVB network changes just like a good set top box would.
> Constly monitor the SDT tables for service updates, possibly use the RST tables
> (if they are used anywhere) to make the scheduler start/stop recording at a new
> time, instead of truncating events.  Parsing EIT data is a small portion of
> this patchs overall goals.

I totally agree. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't trying to imply your
patch was re-inventing the wheel compared to tv_grab_dvb. I can see
that this patch is a welcome step-change in thinking when it comes to
DVB handling in Myth. I understand that EIT parsing is just a small
part of the functionality, just thought that a tried and tested EIT
parser might come in handy when adding to this area.

> Are you using a network that has custom descriptors?

I'm a DVB-T user from the UK. Apart from id 0xF0 which appears to be
"Drama" we seem to be using default descriptors here.

> Apparently in the UK different field seperators are used (I believe a ":" John
> was telling me) so this should help in providing better data. This makes me
> believe there will be 4-5 methods of "fixing up" the EIT style data.

Indeed, a ":" is generally used here to sepaerate the subtitle. I can
see this requiring a new configuration page to determine how 'fixing
up' is done, maybe with a few presets for the more common networks....

> As far as Big Endian vs. Little Endian I will have to look twoard this in the
> future and make sure this is taken care of if there are systems that use it.

Just thought it may be something to worry about, and be easier to
change sooner rather than later if it is required. Is there anybody
out there actually using DVB or ATSC on a big-endian system?


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