[mythtv] Opinions: TagLib as a dependency for MythMusic

Colin Guthrie myth at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Nov 1 09:05:15 UTC 2004


thor wrote:
>>>I'd prefer it if you fixed libid3tag.  I don't want another dependency.
>>I knew you'd say that ;)
>  I had harboured suspicions. 
>  It does make sense ... especially since fixing libid3tag would be a darn 
> useful thing to do in any case.

It would be, I agree, and I'm sure it wont be too hard if I manage to 
get a run at it!

I was trying to find MAD's CVS access details (even for read only) as 
I'd live to develop a patch or see if someone else has gone a little way 
towards doing this already.

If anyone has any details about this it'd be appreciated, perhaps if 
you've been in contact with the MAD developers.

I'll try and get some time to look at this stuff this week, but I 
wouldn't hold my breath!!



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