[mythtv] Availability of Gentoo ebuild for 0.15 release.

Richard Gibert lists at gibert.ca
Fri May 28 02:16:00 EDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-05-28 at 13:07 +1000, Jon Whitear wrote:
> Does anybody know when the maintainer(s) of the Gentoo ebuild for MythTV
> will release one for version 0.15?
> Cheers,
> Jon

For all modules just do:

cp mythX-0.14(-r1).ebuild mythX-0.15.ebuild
ebuild mythX-0.15.ebuild digest
emerge mythX

For mythmusic, you'll have to remove the epatch line (think its around
line 38) for the compile to work.

Been using this for tv, gallery, game, weather, web, & dvd since last
night, everything seems to be okay.  Should work for all other modules
(may have to remove any epatch lines that they have, mythmusic being


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