[mythtv] [PATCH] Video Gallery - a folder browser for MythVideo

Marcel m.bijsterveld1 at chello.nl
Thu May 27 18:38:28 EDT 2004

thor wrote:
> > > - If a title is too long to fit and can't be broken on whitespace,
> > > it gets mangled.
> http://www.sigvaldason.com/mythvideo2.png

I tried, but I'm not able to reproduce this problem:

I made some changes to the code, but I couldn't test whether this solves it.
Is anybody else having the same problem?

> - It would be really nice to have an "Up" icon

This is now in.

> - It seems strange (at least to me) to show the browse
> screen when something is selected.

I've kept this for now.

Xavier Hervy wrote:
> Just a little remark : when i select video filter, and
> choice criteria then return to videogallery, it will be
> better if the menu will be unactive. then I save up on
> MENU press key.

I changed this for all menu options.

The patch file has been updated:



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