[mythtv] Developing MyhTV

Daniel Thor Kristjansson danielk at cat.nyu.edu
Wed May 26 09:14:58 EDT 2004

Here's a theme HOWTO

I use emacs as my IDE, it's got good cvs support. There is a qt GUI
builder called 'designer' on the command line. I don't know anyone that
uses it, but I tried it out for a small app called kvideo when learning
qt; it's available on sourceforge (CVS only). IMHO the best way to
create a design is on paper with pencil. Then you either write the code
to implement it, or let an app like qt designer write it. Qt designer
can use XML to specify the design, which is great for OSS projects
because it lets non-programmers improve the UI. MythTV is not a
typical Qt app, but what you learn from the Qt tutorials at
www.trolltech.com is directly applicable.

As for patches, make them against CVS sources and then run
 cvs diff -u myfiles > my.patch

Make sure you use the same bracing as the source file and only change
the spaces in code you are actually changing. Don't use TABS, and make
each patch small too. Those are my gremlins. Now just send the patch to
this mailing list with a description. It probably won't be accepted
right away because Issac is preparing for a release, but it's better
for it to be out there so other people can review it.

-- Daniel

On Wed, 26 May 2004, Miguel Beccari wrote:

]I do not want to be boring... and I' like to receive answers, so: I come
]from win32 (delphi) but I wrote lots of applications for Linux. Thoose
]were plain C, no GUI applications. Read 'vim' rules at all.
]I think Borland Delphi IDE is very well done to manage GUI. It is a RAD.
]At this point you can see my question.
]I'd like to learn libqt contributing - if possible - to Myth project.
]How do you work? What IDE? How do you write designs?
]Point me to some where...
]PS: I already have got some patches. Where to commit them?

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