[mythtv] DVB Development

Ben de Luca (bedel) bend at bedel.mine.nu
Tue May 25 09:46:02 EDT 2004

No they don't link each other, I was a bit surprised to find that one 
of the channels here was transmitting data on all there frequencies 
around the country.

Does any one know Why they choose to do this?

for any one who is interested i have the details for the sydney data 
casting channel (channel 44) when i find where I wrote them down I will 
post them. I couldn't find them any where on the net.

I have just had a mammoth 16 hour coding session sleeping now, but will 
try snooping tomorrow.

On 25/05/2004, at 7:17 PM, Kenneth Aafl°y wrote:

> On Monday 24 May 2004 19:58, Anders Hanson wrote:
>> Is there any plan on forwarding the CAM menu to the frontend soo that
>> the user can interactivly choose
>> what to do if  a 'no right' menu is displayed.  The most annoying 
>> thing
>> with mythtv right now is that sometimes
>> I get a 'no right' menu from the CAM that is repeatingly showing up
>> until another channel is tuned (actually the last
>> channel that worked).
>> If anyone can guide me to the rigth lines of code to implement this 
>> then
>> I can try to make a patch that adds this if
>> no one else is working on this already.
> I've already shown how to get the menu in dvbcam.cpp, so all you have 
> to do is
> make a new backend call from a frontend requesting whether the backend 
> has
> anything to add to the frontend menu. Then connect this to the cam 
> code, so
> it can generate something when the user views the menu. I guess the 
> hard part
> is figuring out an easy way of conveing a menuset across the network.
> About your specific request about the cam informational message, it 
> would
> require another protocoll message, but this time from the backend to 
> the
> frontend. MythEvent was made for this, but it provides no return path 
> (ie if
> the cam asks a question) so that has to be handled elsewhere.
> You should have a look in libs/libmyth/mythcontext.h/cpp and the 
> MythEvent
> class.
> The mythtv protocol is spread all over:
> 	- programs/mythbackend/mainserver.cpp/h
> 		- programs/mythbackend/encoderlink.cpp/h
> 		- programs/mythbackend/filetransfer.cpp/h
> 	- libs/libmyth/remotefile.cpp/h
> 	- libs/libmythtv/remoteencoder.cpp/h
> 	- libs/libmythtv/remoteutil.cpp/h
> That's what I found now, but there is also protocol calls throughout 
> the
> MythTV source tree, but these are good starting points for disecting 
> the
> protocol.
> -- 
> Kenneth
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