[mythtv] efficiency of prepared statements in datadirect.cpp

Brad Fritz brad-mythtv at fritzfam.com
Tue May 25 01:21:27 EDT 2004

Using a CVS build from 2004-05-12, I migrated from XMLTV to
DataDirect this evening using the (very helpful) instructions
in the HOWTO.  Overall everything went well, but I was surprised
by the long execution time of mythfilldatabase and the high
load average it caused on the backend server.

I updated my cvs tree and quickly scanned datadirect.cpp.  It's
good to see the use of prepared statements and bound parameters,
but I was surprised to see the QSqlQuery.prepare() calls in
DDStructureParser::endElement().  Would it be more efficient to
prepare the INSERT statements in DDStructureParser::startDocument()
or somewhere else that gets called once per download or once per
execution of mythfilldatabase?

Apologies to the list if I am asking a naive question or one that
has been covered before.  I am familiar with SAX parsing in Java,
but have almost zero QT or C++ experience and am still pretty new
to the mythtv code.  I scanned the datadirect grabber patch thread
in the archives but didn't seen any discussion of this topic.


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