[mythtv] DVB development

Martin Bonner martin.bonner at argentas.co.uk
Tue May 25 01:12:09 EDT 2004

I've been using myth for a while with analogue capture cards but have
recently put together a box with a DVB-T nova card.

Searching through the list archives, I've come across a number of
discussions relating to DVB development, but little to indicate what is
currently being worked on or what the state of play is at this point in

Specifically, I was interested to know whether these is any work underway on
the following features:-

1) Recording multiple channels on a single card (from a single multiplex)
As far as I can see, this is going to require some pretty substatial changes
to the database schema for the whole cards/sources/channels setup, which in
turn is likely to require a fair amount of changes to existing code that
relies on the current schema.. have any decisions been made yet as to what
the new schema needs to include, or as anyone working on this at the moment?
I'd be happy to try and work out a schema for this if it has not already
progressed beyond that point.

2) Recording audio only channels (without using the 'use the video pid of
another channel on the same multiplex' workaround)
There seem to be two main issues to address here, firstly support for audio
only recording by the backed, and secondly, some way for the frontend to
know whether it is supposed to be waiting for video frames, or just playing
audio. I wondered whether this might be worth looking at in conjuction with
other 'no video stream' cases such as trying to view an encrypted channel
without the relevant cam and/or subscription, or channels which are not
transmitted 24/7?

3) Subtitles (Closed Caption)
Is anyone is currently looking at DVB subtitle support? if not, i'll start
taking a proper look at this and see if I can get anywhere with this. The
main issues with this seem to be the additional complexity of DVB subtitling
data compared with anologue, in particular, the support for bitmaps and for
specific placement of subtitle data.


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