[mythtv] PATCH Potential DataDirect icon solution

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Tue May 25 01:01:51 EDT 2004

> Okay, this is making more sense now. Perhaps the perl script
> should use better defaults. It seems that a script that does
> one thing once doesn't need so many args ;-).

The example I gave uses explicit args where defaults would be ok. For
example the share directory defaults to /tmp, --out defaults to

> I now see the names master_iconmap.xml, iconmap.xml, dni_iconmap.xml,
> and myicons.xml. Maybe we should stick with the first two to
> avoid confusion for the users?

master_iconmap.xml - a largely useless file at this point, some day though
this may be the only file you care about.

iconmap.xml - default name used by mythfilldatabase

dni_iconmap.xml - default name used by na_icons_to_icon_map.pl, it is
deliberately named differently (as are the contents). The dni_ is for Do Not
Import. It is a few places so that when someone sends something to be added
to the master list you can easily gauge the effort they used to create their
map (automatically generated maps are less useful for the master list).

myicons.xml - Just a name in the example, it has nothing to do with

> I take it that if someone has not installed XMLTV and does not
> want to just for this, then they would use just:

Yes, though currently master_iconmap.xml is only a good master if you have
the same channels as me. I could make it more useful right now by going and
mapping variations of the major cable channel variant to the right network
(now I just map the P flavors).

> I assume it would be advisable to rerun these commands after
> a lineup change to get any incremental changes, yes?

It depends on the lineup change, if a call sign switches networks... then
yes, otherwise there is no point (unless zap2it adds more icons for other
channels in your lineup).

> I finally did see it download new icons into ~/.mythtv/channels/
> by moving the old directory aside. Even though I now have some
> new channels, it turns out none of them had icons and so it didn't
> need to download anything new. Anyway, I can now verify that it
> does download any new icons that it may need.

Yes, the idea is to be as nice to zap2it as possible. If you already have
something which looks like the file we need to fetch then no download is

Anduin Withers

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