[mythtv] Data Direct with multiple lineups

Steve Winslow winslows at comcast.net
Mon May 24 23:55:51 EDT 2004

Bruce Markey wrote:
> Try this. Move your mouse around the screen until you see the
> combobox slightly highlighted. Click the left mouse button so
> that the dropdown appears. I suspect you'll see two items. I see:
> "Cox Communications-Cable"
> "Cox Communications-CableDigital"
> "Comcast-Cable"
> "Comcast-Cable"
> So I guess there needs to be a little more information
> for cases like this to make the distinction between TX53294:A
> and TX53294:B .
> --  bjm

I tried your suggestion, and I get two items!
Both say Comcast-Cable, just like you suspected.

The tv_grab_na_dd --list-lineups output shows there are more data
fields available from Zapit than what is stored in the
videosource table.  At least for my two lineups the 'Cable A'
and 'Cable B' descriptions from the Device field are a little
more user friendly than TX53294:A and TX53294:B.



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