[mythtv] PATCH Potential DataDirect icon solution

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon May 24 22:51:19 EDT 2004

Anduin Withers wrote:
> Final? I won't even pretend.
> Uses evil exceptions but makes handling the DOM stuff a tiny bit easier.
> Added --reset-icon-map [all] to make it easier for people to play with it.
> Until a good master file is built you should use it like this:
> perl na_icons_to_icon_map.pl --grab --share=/tmp --out=myicons.xml
> mythfilldatabase --import-icon-map myicons.xml --update-icon-map

Okay, this is making more sense now. Perhaps the perl script
should use better defaults. It seems that a script that does
one thing once doesn't need so many args ;-).

I now see the names master_iconmap.xml, iconmap.xml, dni_iconmap.xml,
and myicons.xml. Maybe we should stick with the first two to
avoid confusion for the users?

I take it that if someone has not installed XMLTV and does not
want to just for this, then they would use just:

mythfilldatabase --import-icon-map master_iconmap.xml --update-icon-map

for a best effort from the master file. Is that correct?

I assume it would be advisable to rerun these commands after
a lineup change to get any incremental changes, yes?

I finally did see it download new icons into ~/.mythtv/channels/
by moving the old directory aside. Even though I now have some
new channels, it turns out none of them had icons and so it didn't
need to download anything new. Anyway, I can now verify that it
does download any new icons that it may need.

--  bjm

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