[mythtv] [PATCH] Video Gallery - a folder browser for MythVideo

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon May 24 17:54:16 EDT 2004

Marcel wrote:

> This patch adds an additional menu option to MythVideo named Video 
> Gallery. Video Gallery provides a folder view of your video collection 
> with the cover images as thumbnails. This view is similar to the image 
> browser of MythGallery.
> I saw a recent request for a similar feature on the user mailing list, 
> but I was already working on it.
> Additional features are:
> - You can either show the folder structure or ignore it and have a 
> 'flat' overview of all your videos.
> - You can have 3x3 videos per screen with the names printed below them 
> or 4x3 videos with no names.
> - You can put a picture as folder.[png|jpg|gif] in a subdirectory and 
> it will be shown as a folder thumbnail.
> Note, the code doesn't actually traverse through your file system. It 
> retrieves all the video metadata from the MySQL database and uses the 
> path in the file names to create the folder view. This means that you 
> do have to register a new video via the Video Manager before it 
> becomes available in the browser, but also that Video Gallery supports 
> all the related techniques to organize and filter your video collection.
> I do not yet cache the scaled thumbnails so there is still room for 
> some speed optimization.
> The complete patch consists of a diff-file and some additional source 
> and image files.
> It is all in this archive: 
> http://members.chello.nl/m.bijsterveld1/videogallery.tar.gz
> Marcel
>mythtv-dev mailing list
>mythtv-dev at mythtv.org
I haven't installed this yet, but would this be something as a 
replacement for the Browse mode given that it can do a flat viewing 
style like browse does now?  What would be missing from this that 
Browsing has?  Parental Controls?  Browse enabled?  I've been 
considering adding a "Video Finder" much like the Program Finder from 
the TV side of the program.  Perhaps this patch of yours and a new 
Finder would be candidates to replace the current Browser and Lister?  
Just thoughts...I hope to try this out soon.  It sounds great.


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