[mythtv] Latest mythweb CVS and zlib compression oddities.

Martin Moeller martin at martinm-76.dk
Sat May 22 19:16:52 EDT 2004

Hello again.

When I copied the latest mythweb into my webdir and added the latest
changes to .htaccess I got a lot of gibberish in stead of HTML in my
browser (Firefox/Konqueror/w3m). I installed Live HTTP Headers in
Firefox to verify if my suspicion was correct and it seems it was:

My end (in Firefox at least) sends a message to the server that it
supports gzip encoding, the server sends data back but nowhere in the
header is listed that the data is in fact compressed. Result: Something
akin to dumping a tar.gz archive to stdout, only less pretty... :-)

Could it be that an extra header field is needed if compression is
supported and is it even checked whether the browser supports

For now I have commented the lines relating to compression in .htaccess.

If more info is needed, let me know and I'll try me best to accomodate.

Martin Moeller <martin at martinm-76.dk>

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