[mythtv] Some bugs (0.15)

Oscar Carlsson oscar.carlsson at home.se
Sat May 22 17:55:56 EDT 2004

>>>> > DM> On the Playback Recording screen, if you press Info, then
>>>> > choose DM> "Delete", the semi-translucent background which dims
>>>> > everything but the DM> pop up goes away.
>>>> >
>>>> > I did some research on this yesterday, but I got stuck.. At
>>>> > least I found out that you can trigger it by just doing F1->ESC->F1
>>>> > fairly quick. Not that strange really since when you hit 'Delete'
>>>> > PlaybackBox::cancelPopup is called, and then the Delete popup is
>>>> > opened.
>>>> >
>>>>  I've been unable to repro this using either methods...
>>> J. Donavan, since you were unable to reproduce it, what theme are you 
>>> using?  What revision of cvs are you using?
>>> I'm using GANT, but I've also seen it with Visor, mythfrontend 
>>> version: 0.15.20040331-1
>> Does this all depend on the selection for "Popup Background Shading
>> Method" in Setup->Appearance? I have "None" and never see this. Does
>> it happen with "Fill" or "Image"?

JDS> I tried with all of the above and couldn't repro it.

J.   Donavan   Stanley   and   me   had   a  little  stab  at  this,  putting  a
qApp->processEvents();  in there fixed it, but it's not the right way.. I'll try
to  come up with some good solution to this as soon as I get a hold of Isaac and
can ask him some stuff :)

Best regards,
 Oscar                            mailto:oscar.carlsson at home.se

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